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Leveraging a background of 25+ years pipe rehabilitation experience, UV Wizards was created to support the modern Ultraviolet (UV) Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) market. From mainline municipality contracts to one-of-a-kind large diameter complex cures, we are your experienced partner. Let our wizardry power your success.

With equipment available to rent or purchase, we supply the industry with today’s best technology. We maintain our equipment in-house, and always stock the right parts on our own shelves. When it comes to up-time, you can count on us to keep your job site running day after day.


Our recent and relative experience is highlighted on this page. In support of Insta-Pipe, Inc., and other installation contractors, we have completed hundreds of UV Cures. From small diameter sewer lines, to large diameter storm culverts under interstate highways, we have the most valuable type of experience, on-site experience.


Our UV Curing systems are quality systems that emphasize functionality and durability. These Curing Dynamics systems originate in Germany where engineering and design are always emphasized.


Not only do we rent the same UV Curing systems that we use and sell, but all of the other equipment and components necessary for an entire UV Curing project. CCTV inspection equipment, jetters, remote cutters, specialized liner roller systems, and other tools.


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